Our Dogs

Bull Dutch Shepherd - Level II
USD 65,000.00

Bull is one of the most attractive and capable smaller dogs we have bred. Bull is very gentle and endearing. He adores people and getting lots of belly rubs.

Buzzard Dutch Shepherd - Level II
USD 0.00

Buzzard is highly intelligent, obedient and agile. He will put himself between his handler and any perceived or potential threat. While Buzzard is trained to identify threats and alert his family to any harm, he is perfectly at home being with children, other dogs, and friends of the family.

Comanche Dutch Shepherd - Level III
USD 100,000.00

Comanche is a fantastic dog who comes with easily enough spunk for three dogs. Having spent extended periods of time working in the jungles of Africa, Comanche is more likely to be suited for a strong single handler than a family. He is a phenomenal tracker with top notch protection work. Working aside, his personality will keep his owner in hysterics. Never a dull moment with Comanche. 

Epic Dutch Shepherd - Level III
USD 80,000.00

Epic is an adorable Dutch Sheperd with a mellow and loving personality. He proves the age old adage that "its not the size of the dog in the fight". Whether you are looking for someone to cuddle on the couch, go with you on adventures, or protect you from any danger, Epic is the ideal match.

Havana Dutch Shepherd - Level III
USD 0.00

Havana is outstanding in every way. She lives to be with and around children and currently sleeps with our twin seven year-olds at night. She is extremely happy and seems to always be smiling. Havana loves to run and exercise, go for rides in the car and hang out in public where the people watching is good. When she is not busy running around, Havana is very content to lay at your feet watching for any potential problems. She loves to have her head scratched behind her ears and have her belly rubbed.